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A Guide To The Tell-Tale Signs of a Strong Muse

A personal office desk with a computer monitor screen that lists a guide to the tell-tale signs of a strong muse

It’s a great feeling when your muse comes to stay for a while. It usually means you’re onto something good. But how do you know you’re onto something good? For me, there are a few tell-tale signs of a strong muse. Such as when I notice the dog standing by my office door with his eyes watering and his legs crossed, and I realize it’s been hours since I let him out. Another sign is when I haven’t eaten since yesterday and only know this because of the annoying groans coming from my belly, interrupting my flow.

You know you’re onto something great when it’s all you can think about. Such as, in the shower, “Wait, did I already put conditioner in my hair?” or you feel panic mid-shower when you think of something brilliant and are deathly afraid you’ll forget in the time it takes to dry off and get to your moleskin.

Or, when you’ve said, “Okay, just give me one more minute,” so many times that your husband doesn’t believe you anymore (and is getting used to eating alone, oops).

Or, when your friends and family no longer worry that you’re going insane when, mid-conversation, you go dark, distant, and stare at the ceiling, and they’re already sick of you writing in your notebook every time they say something interesting.

Or, you keep leaving the room, “I’ll be right back, I just have to write something down.” Only to emerge two hours later, oblivious about the time.

These are only a few ways that I know the writing is flowing and the ideas are fruitful. It may be annoying for my friends and family and especially for my animals, but it’s always a great time for me.

When your muse comes to stay for a while it’s like a visit from an old friend, and I truly wish my old friend would never go away. (Who needs to eat anyway?)

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