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Beautiful Summer Rain: A Haiku

A blade of grass covered in droplets from a summer rain shower.

After a beautiful summer day yesterday, we are now getting much-needed rain. Maybe we can have a campfire this week if the risk of wildfires goes down. Oh, how I love a roasted weenie.

As you know I’ve been writing a short story for the Fall Writing contest, I entered last week. My story is finished and I’m in the final editing phases. I have to have it polished and ready for submission by August 24th, next Monday. I’m pleased with my story and hopefully, the judges will be also.

Even though I’d been editing all morning, I still had the writing bug but wasn’t sure whether to work on my second novel in progress or work on another short story. As I sat thinking, with my pen poised above the paper, I remembered a book I finished recently, ‘The True Secret of Writing.’ One of the many things, the author, Natalie Goldberg, teaches us is in this great book, is the magic of different types of poetry. Her explanation of how the Haiku can bring you to another world fascinated me. Here is one she quoted by Masaoka Shiki:

Peeling a pear

A trickle of sweet juice

Along the blade.

She says, “We’ve all done that, peeled a pear, but when we read that, we wake up.”

I agree, Natalie.

So, now I know what I want, or perhaps need, to write today:

Summer rain, a welcome change

Brown grass turning green before my eyes

My pen finds words, again.

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